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2013 City of Calgary

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4-band & 8-band Imagery

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Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery purchased through ATLIS VUE provides unparalleled coverage, speed, accuracy, and aesthetics – resulting in the best quality satellite orthophoto’s quickly and easily.

Aerial Imagery

ATLIS VUE delivers industry leading, high-quality, wall-to-wall collection of 5-30 cm natural color (RGB) and 60 cm color infrared (CIR) aerial orthomosaics covering Canada, United States of America, and Western Europe.

Digital Elevation Models

ATLIS produces high accuracy Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models that serve as key building blocks for successful exploration, engineering, land management and simulation.

Monitoring Programs

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over 4.5 million km2 in archive today


  • Global Spatial Data

    Global spatial data from satellite imagery, aerial imagery, and elevation data.

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    Easily search our archive for satellite and aerial imagery or elevation data.

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    We offer dedicated support professionals to help assist you with your order.

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    We guarantee your product delivery within 36 hours or its free!

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